Work in spreadsheets, store your data in the cloud.

New: Try OData Updater for Excel

Synchronise data between your spreadsheets and Mwnci’s cloud data stores.
Keep spreadsheets up-to-date with the latest data.

Share data between spreadsheets with Mwnci. Avoid keeping your data in spreadsheet silos.
Mwnci guides you towards structured data
Start structuring data with Mwnci’s guided step-by-step approach.
Helping you to understand the data you have and making it easier to get answers from your data.
Secure your data.
Mwnci encrypts your data when stored on disk and takes the important steps to ensure that only the people with permission are allowed to access and make changes to data.

Improve your business’ resiliency with Mwnci’s backup and disaster recovery options.
Improve the quality of your data.
Run reports which highlight your most used data so you can focus on what’s important. We’ll let you know where there are holes, suspicious values or duplicates in your data.