Are there people in your office who prefer working with data inside Excel and are reluctant to move out of it? Do you want to ensure that your users are working from the same up-to-date data but find that they don’t always correct the data at source when there are errors? Then install Mwnci OData Updater for Excel.

We enable your users to use and modify data from your own on-premises API from the comfort of Excel tables. No longer do you have to write a separate user interface for users to update the database since your users can now update the single source of truth, with ease.

OData updater gives your team the flexibility to host your own data, so you don’t have to be concerned about it falling in to the wrong hands. With our approach you can implement custom server-side logic to enforce permissions and business constraints so that your users can safely make changes without worrying that they might introduce invalid data.

Install OData Updater from Microsoft Appsource.

Mwnci OData

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