Mwnci is developing the data platform for business, but it isn’t here yet. If your business has data problems which need fixing now then it’s worth considering Mwnci’s consultancy services.

We can help you set up the right infrastructure and business processes to manage your business’ data. We’ll audit your data handling practices and make recommendations that will help you save time, reduce errors and get better insight from the data you have.

Mwnci can help with

  • Advice on how to make the most out of your data
  • Data systems architecture
  • Managing SQL & SPARQL Databases
    • Performance issues
    • New functionality
    • Unexpected behaviour
  • Developing custom cloud-based data solutions
    • Fully redundant and secure databases
    • Data input screens
    • Health checks
    • Reporting
  • APIs for programmatic access to data
  • Analysing data with Business Intelligence tools e.g. PowerBI or Tableau
  • Data transformation and custom import scripts

If you think we could help you then get in contact using the form below.